Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She Sells Seashells?

I have an entire ocean theme going on in my life right now. Wait until you see the other art I have planned for this month!

This was the initial sketch I had.  The sea snail was floating, and a turtle was looking over the diver's shoulder. I cleaned it up some, and put more focus on my name.

 Here's the cleaned up version of the header. Sea snail is looking at name, and there is more focus on name.
Second color study.  I played around for a while, and the narrower my palette became, the happier I was.  
You can see the final version up above, but now that I'm looking at it online, I think I may have to tweak a few things and put a better version up. I lost something when the pov shifted further away...and my line work got sloppy in a few places. I think my color could be more solid as well. (That's something I'm working on: flat, solid color.) For now, it works.


  1. I love it, the banner is wondeful! I like the brighter flat colors and love the quirky quality you have going on. More, more!!!

  2. I like it too- it has a lot of movement- I think because of the line and the whole undulating composition. (I liked the turtle but I see it works as banner with out him)

  3. Looking great! I think you're onto something with the strong line work and flat color! I might make your name bigger/bolder and change the color of the leftmost seaweed, it is a little close to the color of her hair. I can't wait to see more!

  4. You're having too much fun! Makes me smile...


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