Monday, July 06, 2009

Wolf Trio

I took a break this morning for the dummy to warm up first with a few sketches. This is a piece I'm adding to my portfolio. The original version is here.

It's not that I dislike the first version necessarily. It's that I originally completed it in ink and acrylic. I'll be repainting it in gouache so that it's consistent with the rest of my work. Because I trimmed the storyline, I'm able to fit it all on one page of the hot press paper I use, which is what I prefer. I like to work pretty close to the final scale of a piece, instead of reducing the images to fit a certain size requirement.

I really like this little guy and am looking forward to updating his look.

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  1. Girl you don't know what an inspiration you have been to me today. Oh my goodness!!! I look at all your hard work and it makes me want to do better. I know how it is to be up to your eyeballs in work and trying to make the deadlines. I hear you loud and clear. I'm finishing the finishes to a book that will be out sometime in the fall and started working on a third. I see how you have worked all of yours out and it looks so WONDERFULLLLLLL!!!!! Gee I'm so excited for you. I love it! I so appreciate you sharing all this with words and pictures. It means so much. I know this much, it's helping me!!! hee he he hee! thanks for you sweet comment on WaWe. You made my day my friend. Good day and week to you!


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