Sunday, April 26, 2009

E is for Excited!

I had a great day in the studio yesterday, even though I had to really stretch my drawing muscles. I felt very productive and have caught up on a month's worth of prompts from over at WW. Now I only have to be sure I can set aside some time this week in order to take those ideas from sketches to final product.

This is one of my sketches, "C is for Curious Cat."

Yesterday was not just a drawing day, but the day that I discoverd that SCBWI has announced their LA 2009 Summer Conference. The schedule and faculty line-up is just incredible! I've already started checking out airfare and reassessing my timeline/goals for this summer. Family life has intruded way more than I expected when I created the timeline for 2009 (of course it did!), so I'm already a little behind for the spring. But I am pretty dang confident I can get my junk together in time to take full advantage of that conference and make the most out of the opportunities it will provide. I cannot wait for this trip! (Anyone else thinking of going?)

Well, back to work. I've got a PB manuscript I'm messing with. (yes, I'm writing now, too!) There are some large sections that need to be smoothed out in the storyline. You wouldn't think that would be possible with a 275 word story. You'd be wrong. ;P

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