Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bienvenido 2009!

I'm ready to start 2009 with a bang! Here's a shot of my planning board:

In order for me to work consistently and productively, I have to have deadlines (or at least goals). I've plotted out what I want to accomplish this month on my calendar. On the left side of the board is my list of goals for different areas of my artist's life: professional development, writing w.i.p.s, illustration w.i.p.s, personal projects and finally seasonal goals. It looks like a lot, and I suppose another person would be overwhelmed by all that's here...but for me it's like a dessert buffet. Every bit of it is delicious, and I mount a plan of attack that allows me to slowly and efficiently work through every bit. I love crossing things off to-do lists.

And yes, I said I have a list for Writing works in progress. Here's a shot of a list of all of the story ideas I have. (I've blurred the words because they're still very much incubating. Call me paranoid.) I must say that since I've opened myself up to the possibility of writing stories, the ideas have been flowing fast and furiously. (It's like a clown car!) Now I just need to make myself sit down and turn them into full-fledged stories.
And finally here is a list of my intentions for the year. Pretty straightforward, and the thought of being able to draw a line through each of these send a tingle up my spine-heehee!

Well, I'm off to accomplish today's task. I hope each of you have a wonderful and lovely New Year's Day. (What are your aspirations for 2009? )


  1. YEs! Dee, I think our brains are on a similar track..I'm making my very own board right this minute! My trouble is, breaking everything down into bite sized chews, but this post is very inspiring. Go, Dee!

  2. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Very inspiring, Dee. I like the way you think! One question . . . what does the "Mick Jagger" line mean to you? Satisfaction? I'm stumped on that one. Good luck with 2009!


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