Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Lovely Lull

I took advantage of my son finally taking a break from this Christmas present. Hope everyone is enjoying this lull before the new year. Besides the traveling we did over the weekend that felt like for-ever, we've been chill-axing. I had to laugh at the stories my mom was telling me about my aunts (who live in Portland) and them getting iced into their homes....then she told me about the carport collapsing on one of my aunt's car, and I saw those videos of cars sliding everywhere on the news. Not so funny. (right, Johanna?)

But I've been feeling ever so efficient. I've already put away Christmas decorations-even the tree-and cleaned up so the place looks nice when the New Year comes to live with us! I'm also in the middle of organizing gobs of information, books and money for my local chapter of SCBWI. Look:
It's like I'm a mini slush pile! hahaha....except, there were books instead of manuscripts in there.

I'm mulling over the annual aspirations list. (I don't do resolutions.) It looks pretty much like I thought it might...with a few adjustments here and there. I'll probably post it later this week...when it's a little more relevant. Suffice it to say that I'll be busting my butt this spring to prepare for opportunities this summer.

What about you? You have an aspirations list? Come back later this week and post it, why don't ya? We can cheer each other on. ;)

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