Sunday, October 26, 2008


Not too much has been accomplished hereabouts as a result of a toddler who does.not.feel.well. Poor baby has been miserable, running fever and having teething pains...and wants the world to share in it. Who am I to deny him?

Anyhoo, I will be posting a photo later today of my homemade Halloween costume which I wore to a party last night. (I must be a fuddy-duddy, as I did not enjoy the sight of people getting sloppy drunk in their provocative costumes as funny as I think I should have.)

I would be posting a picture of the dozens of jack-o-lanterns I sketched the other day for a five minute exercise, but "someone" had other ideas, and decided to use that page to express his angst. ahem. I'll try to redo that exercise...maybe I can salvage a few of the original pumpkins.

Hope you've had a good weekend. It's going to be a lazy day for us.
Update: We went as the Pac-Man game (one of my favorites!), my husband was the Pac-Man, and both of us had t-shirts with sections of the game on them. I made the four ghosts out of fun foam, and put the dangerous ghosts on the front and the edible ghosts on the back. I have to say we were a hit. :)

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Awesome costume! I love it!

    Gabe and I went as bacon and a fried egg at the "monster march" this year here in Portland. Gabe was the bacon, and man...people love bacon. You could hear squeals of BACON! BACON! BACON! everywhere we went...


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