Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Storm Fatigue

Y'all I am so freaking tired of this hurricane season. I can't even explain how ridiculous it's been. Maybe you saw mention of a little guy named Ike on your evening news tonight? Yeah, that so-and-so apparently has set his sights on the Texas coast and refuses to let up.

He's a big son of a gun, isn't he?

As a result, o' dark thirty tomorrow morning we'll be loading up our Jeep and skedaddling out of town. My fingers will be crossed the entire time with the hope that no one sustains any major damage or injury during this storm...and that this cat will get gone real quick. (Have you noticed my accent gets thicker when I get nervous?)

Watch out! Mad Paint skillz! haha!

Anyhoo-we're off to stay with the parents for a bit. Talk to y'all when we get back!
Update: Okay, so if we hadn't left this morning, we would have left this afternoon under mandatory evacuation. Galveston Island, twenty miles south of us, has been evacuated with the threat of dire consequences for residents who stay. They're starting to compare the damage that Ike may do to that of The Storm of 1900. The entire state is holding its breath, and I'm keeping fingers crossed until Saturday passes that everyone we know at home will escape injury and damage. If you wouldn't mind, could you keep your fingers crossed, too?


  1. Holy cow, stay safe!!

  2. I hope everything is OK with you. And that you packed up all your art and took it with.

    BTW, like your new avatar. It looks just like you.


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