Thursday, September 25, 2008


I was so excited last night because I had no errands to run, no housecleaning to do, nothing (besides my son) that would require my attention today. I had the whole day to devote to art if I wanted. And I did want. Then I wake up today and...bleah. I was not at all interested in continuing on with either of the more labor intensive projects sitting on my drafting table.

I figured that I shouldn't let today be a complete waste, so I dabbled around with one of the mini scrap canvases I've made myself (just for experimentation). This is what I came up with: I had no idea what I was doing when I started; just squirted a bunch of paint out, and randomly let my brush do what it wanted. I have a feeling of where I could take this now, so maybe in a few days I'll post the second part of this little piece that certainly does not reflect my current energy level.

Maybe it's wishful thinking?


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    This is great! Those days when I don't have any energy and just doodle and mess around, always lead to something great (errr...eventually)but can be really frustrating in the moment.

    I think it's part of transforming creatively, and moving into a new style. Go Dee!

    Also, I love the owls below! I've been really into owls lately. They're amazing...I just saw a beautiful beautiful owl up close a month or so ago, at a bird sanctuary. Amazing. They really are even cooler in person. Those eyes!!

  2. This would be great for wrapping paper or fabric design.


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