Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wooden Hoops and Crystal Balls

I don't actually have any new art to share with you just now. Thanks to the lovely cedar pollen counts, our household has been laid low for the last week. I am thinking creatively, if unable to actually implement any of my ideas, though.
Here's one of them:
Can you guess what it's to become? I'm fairly excited about this project because although I have no idea exactly what I'm doing, I'll be using all kinds of media to do it-yay experimentation!

In other news....hmm nothing. Well, there was this fun little bit I found today:

"Sagittarius, sit with yourself and look at the big picture. Figure out what it is that you want.
For the Year: Your dreams are important right now, no matter how realistic they may seem. Make sure that you're not just going through the motions -- you've really got to put some work into them at this time.

I'd consider that to be a cosmic kick in the pants, wouldn't you? It's funny, because if you've read the Soup Blog lately, you'd see that mentally I'm gearing up for a busy work year. Kinda neat to think that kismet might be on my side.

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