Friday, January 04, 2008


There's still no new art to be seen yet... at least by me. I thought I'd share some art I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas!

It's the complete Calvin and Hobbes Collection by cartoon master Bill Watterson. Not many people know about the adoration I have for these two characters, but I let it slip to my husband last fall. Okay, so maybe it was the lustful sigh I let loose and the drool that practically spilled onto the keyboard while cruising through Amazon. I still let him know!
Thanks to the lack of interesting night television lately, this week found me on the couch, devouring these beautiful tomes detailing the escapades of six-year old Calvin and his best pal, stuffed tiger Hobbes. Such beautiful linework, such fantastic body and facial expressions, and the plot lines are hysterical! Troy finds it amusing that I frequently laugh out loud when I'm reading. I can't help it that they're that funny. I definitely am enjoying the heck out of these books.
Did you get anything drool-worthy this holiday?

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