Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Why is it, despite everything I try to say and do to make it otherwise, that my body seems to thrive on last-minute insanity and stress? I had my Showcase piece planned for weeks. Then I started to agonize over it. I didn't feel comfortable with it, but I kept working. I finally completed it on Sunday, and went to get it matted.
As I'm standing at the store, picking out colors and making measurements, I had an epiphany. I didn't like my picture! I mean, I liked it okay...but I didn't love it. I hadn't experienced that thrill of making something I really wanted to share. It was more like I was being forced to share it. I carefully examined it. I looked at the elements I really enjoyed and realized I had to do another piece. (you see?- insanity!) So I booked it to my house, and in five minutes had sketched out another piece featuring the elements I so enjoyed from the original composition.
I began to paint it yesterday, and it's just today been matted. (insan-ity!)

The final result is what you see below. This is my showcase piece: At the Watering Hole

The frog's placement is a little awkard, but I love this picture! Hey, it's not like I'm planning on winning the showcase. I just wanted to make sure I had something more me. (That hippo look familiar to anyone?)

So I'm off to New York in about...oh, five hours! (*gasp!*) I really need to go to sleep! I'm going to try and be good and take lots of notes and do lots of sketches. (I've even treated myself to a day off work on Monday so I can recoup and recount everything that happens.)

Yes, I promise to blog when I get back! Good night all.



  1. Have a fabulous time, the hippo is adorable!!!!!!!!

  2. that ia a great piece with strong characters, details and emotions. I can't wait to see it in person! See you tommorow :)


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