Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two days...

until I leave for New York! I am busy trying to get myself mentally prepared. Besides getting my classroom ready to go for my substitute (who I will be praying mightily for), I have to get my art ready to go on a cross-country flight.

To Do:
1. Print out color copies of portfolio pieces (check!)
2.Create and print out business cards (check!)
3. Print out promotional postcards (check!)
4. Do the happy dance (check!)
5. Get a roommate for Conference hotel (check!)
6. Check on the weather in NYC (yuck!-check!)
7. Breathe! (check!)
8. Come up with idea for Showcase (check! check!)
9. Paint Showcase piece (check!)
10. Get Showcase piece matted (to do-TODAY)
11. Breathe! (in through the nose....)
12. Contact substitute to deal with 134 seventh graders for two days in a row! (poor soul, check!)
13. Pack layers of clothes (ummm)
14. Get outfit for Showcase cocktail hour
15. Breathe! (*gasp!*)
16. Change batteries in digital camera
17. Check supplies for workshop (as specified) (check!)
18. Withdraw money for trip
19. Get haircut (Unfortunately, NOT HAPPENING anytime soon)
20. Breathe! (*wheeze!*)

Oh, and here's a peek at my business card. (It's been edited a little since then, but this is the general idea. Oh, and the color is of course, much better.)

If you kiddies are good, I'll post my promo card and Showcase piece before I leave tomorrow!


  1. good choice for your cards. can't wait to see it in person, hee hee hee hee hee......wheeeeeeeee. sorry, getting excited :)

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