Saturday, March 05, 2005

Spring is here!

Meet Bos Posted by Hello

See this little guy?
His name is Bos. (pronounces: B-ah-z)
Bos came about in a rather roundabout way.
Actually, he came about when I was in my classroom, showing my students a video on the 1960's.
(When we return from Spring Break, we're reading a novel about the integration of Little Rock High School.) My students were diligently taking notes, and making comments:

Student:"Whoa! Did that lady have on any bottoms?"
Me: "Yes, (*pause video*) see this? This is her miniskirt."
Students:"Whooaa." Student:"What's her name again, Stick?"
Me: "It's Twiggy."
Class:"hahaha!"(raucous laughter continues)

So, you can see that the spirits in the room were quite high. (Until we watched footage on Vietnam and Dr. King, but I digress.) Riding on the good vibes of a Friday before a holiday, and the fabulous behavior of my students, I doodled in my sketchbook while keeping an eye on them. What resulted were several scenes of a little bird doing all kinds of things.
Well, today the fabulous weather we're having inspired me to go ahead and turn those doodles into a mini watercolor series. (I love doing things like this. I always do it on leftover watercolor paper, and then I feel so good, using up all resources instead of throwing it away.) So there you have it.
Bos is experiencing: "Wonder", "Contentment", "Confusion" and "Anticipation." I like him so much. He's my little Bluebird of Spring!
*Hopefully I'll be able to do many little projects on my week off!

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  1. Bos is a cutey!
    While you're looking forward to your holiday I'm over here freaking out. What will I do with the kids for an entire week! teehee!


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