Thursday, March 03, 2005

Illustration Friday: Jazz (see picture above)

Well, you know that saying "too much of a good thing?" I had that all freakin' week! This IF had a GREAT topic! As a result, I came up with a jillion neat ideas. So what happened then, you ask? Well, with so many choices and various ways to go, I did the only thing I could- I got stymied! I procrastinated and played with a few fun projects I have lying around: baby shower invite, funny painting, etc.
I finally realized I had passed my personal deadline of Wednesday and decided I needed to get on the ball and pick! I happened to be listening to one of my faves, Mr. Cole, and of course that's when inspiration struck. I love, love, love many songs on his "Unforgettable" cd, but Orange-Colored Sky is one of my favorites. It just happens to describe perfectly what it was like when I met my husband. (no, no, no, you throw up in the trash can-not on your keyboard! hehehe) Anyway, I decided I would do a fun little watercolor pencil sketch with orange as my main color. Okay, so I didn't stick straight with orange...I wandered into brown and black...but, I had a lot of fun drawing Nat's face. He has a great face.
I decided midway through that I should use ink to enhance details in my picture. Pencil is just stubborn when it comes to watercolor paper. I had fun doodling the shading on the body, but when I got to the face, I was terrified. Pencil you can fix. You put a little bit of ink on the wrong place and you are outta luck. So, I managed to keep it minimal. I still think I lost a little bit of something in the face, but it turned out pretty decent.
Anyway, I picked Mr. Cole because of his smooth jazz style, his songs that make me smile, and because I can do whatever I want, darnit! I hope you like the mini-portrait. I think next time I try one of someone famous, I'll try to do a stylized face.
(If you haven't seen Jared's, he has awe-inspiring ability. I love looking to see what's cookin' in his crockpot.) This is a challenge for me, as I stick to realistic portraits. (Animals I can stylize like crazy, but people? Pshwa!)
Okay, enough blabberin' here. I'm off to bed, with Nat King Cole singing in my head.
*sigh* I am SO cheesy!

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  1. Nat King Cole - one of my faves too... and he DOES have a fabulous face - a megawatt smile. Great job!



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