Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sorrow n.- deep distress, sadness or regret for the loss of someone or something loved.

Iiii Am a Dog......of Constant Sorrow..... Posted by Hello

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the movie: "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" , but it's one of my favorite movies (and soundtracks) of all time. It's basically a very fresh and refreshing take on Homer's epic tale, The Odyssey. Anyway, back to my point. I love that movie, and there is a scene where the wayward heroes are pressed for cash and decide to "sing in a can" at a nearby radio station in order to earn a little pocket money.
The song that Ulysses Everett McGill and his sidekicks proceed to belt out with much gusto is "Man of Constant Sorrow." It's a very good song, with great music, and really sad lyrics if you can quit tapping your feet long enough to listen to them. So I decided to make my own twist from that little "singing in a can" scene.
This week's topic for Illustration Friday is Sorrow. Bleah. (What can you do but try to comply?) So, I thought: Bloodhounds are very sad-looking, Blue is a color associated with sadness, and Everett sang about sorrow in that movie! Voila! You have three blue bloodhounds "singing in a can" about their constant sorrow! I hope you enjoy. I sure did enjoy making this picture. I used brand new color pencils; they're texture was so smooth and creamy it made me giggle like a loon when I was drawing.

p.s.- I'm not trying to sound pompous or anything, but don't you think there's a William Wegman quality to these hounds? :)


  1. That's such a cute idea! Plus, I love that movie too.

  2. Fantastic! I immediately recognized the scene from the movie - one of my favorites too.

  3. Anonymous9:08 PM

    AWESOME! I'm a big fan of the movie too and what a great concept you came up with.

  4. I LOVE that movie especially the soundtrack!! Great illio!! It's purrrrfect LOL

  5. O Sister! I've long loved that movie, that soundtrack and that song! And now I can love your illo! (Sometimes for fun, I imagine my coworkers as different dogs!)


  6. Haha! I recognized the scene from the movie too! Great take on the topic... even when you protest, you still do great work!

  7. The facial expression of your dogs is just awesome! And so is your very creative interpretation of the theme. Guess, I have to watch this film...

  8. I saw the scene from the film as soon as I saw your illo! It's GREAT!!

    Gnome G

  9. Hooray for OBWAT! We were both on the same idea this week...someone commented about your drawing to me. It's wonderful! I'm a big fan of that movie as well.

  10. This is beautiful! I love it... yep, recognized the scene too. Couldn't be a better representation.


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