Thursday, February 03, 2005

Friendship- a state of being attached to another by affection

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Okay, I had all of these neat-o ideas, but then they refused to come out! The ideas I really liked, I saw interpreted very similarly on other sites. So, instead of beating myself over the head with my sketch pad (ow), I decided I would use one of my favorite photographs as inspiration. This is a pencil sketch of a picture taken 5 years ago at a national convention (where I happened to meet my now-husband). Krissy and I were both juniors in college and thrilled to our toes to be in Minne-SO-ta! Here we are hugging before we head out for a night of room-party-hopping.

p.s.- please be so kind as to comment on the pictures you see here. I'm curious for some feedback. Thanks!


  1. That's a sweet illo! Good job...

  2. hi - love pencil work as it is tough for me, but yours is so well done and what a nice gift this would make for your friend!

  3. Hi I am not an art critic but I love what I see! So full of life. Great friendship!


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