Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A little happy around the "Gils."

Okay, so one of my most favorite shows came back from hiatus last night, Gilmore Girls. I absolutely love this show (don't knock it!), especially the dialogue between Lorelei and any unsuspecting character in her path. I crack up. For instance, Lorelei comes in to her inn to exclaim about the wonders of snow to her co-owner, Mr. Snarky Frenchman- Mechel.

Lorelei: (removing her coat and scarf in the entryway and exclaiming with delight) "Guess who just nipped at my nose?! Jack Frost!"

Mechel: (dripping with disdain) "Guess who just nipped at my ears? Jack I-Don't-Care."

ahahahaha! (*sigh*) I love it.

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