Tuesday, October 18, 2005

To TFrizzy:

Okay, I'm tagging Tricia, Courtney, and Janee! I hope that's cool, girls...

Oh, and Tricia here's my response to your comment:

I was looking at my Frog Prince sketch, and decided I wanted to do something with frogs. I doodled around and decided frogs floating on a pond would be good. As I sketched, I was having fun creating very round shapes with the frogs. I was drawing one frog with his mouth open, and I thought,"Hm, how fun would that be if he had a bubble coming out of his mouth?" Then, if the bubble floated up and away? So then I drew random frogs floating around my sketchbook page, and I had so much fun doing it, I thought I would change my sketch to adapt to this new idea.

Basically, that's it! I loved the idea, and I'm going to actually redo the painting, so it's more vivid. Love your squirrel by the way! I haven't done too much with animals yet. Hopefully, my next post will be more animal-friendly. I'm trying to keep things simple.


  1. I really liked the idea! I'm looking forward to seeing the painted version. I got your tag and I'm compiling my list now. I hope I can think of some stuff.

  2. I love your style. It seems that everyone Janee links to is exceptional with a pen or pencil or brush. I'm looking forward to your rendition of the bubble blowing frog.


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