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I don't even think anyone will see this, as the topic is way outdated, but I like having a record of my trips, and this one was a lot of fun.

A sample of the postcards collected in LA. I usually have three times as many.
This year in LA I found myself not writing down as many notes. Perhaps because I've been to enough of these now, that I know the basics of what is shared. Perhaps because I am far enough in my journey to recognize a note to self versus a note from the universe. But most likely it's because of the theme I picked up throughout the conference. At this point, I've just got to "DO THE WORK."

Here are a few of the golden nuggets I picked up from the conference:
Lin Oliver, co-founder of SCBWI: "Let's admit that we're all kind of weirdos."

Laurie Halse Anderson:
"Be brave today."
"Read like a kid."
"Embrace the sanctity of silliness."
"Children don't ask permission to create."

Jon Sciezka:
"Don't put kids to sleep, wake them up!"

Mac Barnett:
"That place where truth and lies intermingle is where kids live."

David Wiesner:
"Follow that story, and wallow in the process."

Jarret Krocozska"
"What is easy for your character is boring for your reader."

Illustrator's Intensive:
Some of the best information and advice was given over the course of this day! The featured faculty were all fantastic and inspiring. Some of my favorite speakers were Jannie Ho and Tom Lichtenheld. Jannie's truism in regards to illustrating for the very young: "Character design needs to be consistent. A dog should look like a dog." Tom's truism, which I want to paint across the internet in black paint, "Voice matters more than style."

First Look:
My pieces (and several of my friends-woohoo!) were picked for the first look! I had AD Kirsten Noble, AD Giuseppe Castellano, agent Steven Malk, and editor Allyn Johnston commenting on my art. It was educational, confirming, and gave me a little food to chew on. :)

And now, the pictures:

The instantly recognizable lobby chandelier.
This was Thursday night, I think I averaged 5-6 hours over the weekend, which is still really good!
 The Illustrator's Social! Always loud, and a little chaotic.

Paul O Zelinsky doing a little emceeing. He's now on our Board-yippee!
Some of the other members of our Illustrator Board: David Diaz, Pat Cummings, Cecilia Yung, Priscilla Burris
Post social, a few (ahem) of us found our way to the lobb-ay!
 Of course, the conference isn't just about connecting with friends, new and old, although that IS one of the best parts honestly. Hanging with people who 'get it?" Fuhgeddaboutit!

There is also hearing great tips, advise, straight talking and inspiration from great speakers, like Art Directors Giuseppe Castellano

and Simon and Schuster Art Director Laurent Lnn! (You should be following both these gentleman on Twitter: @pinocastellano and @LaurentLinn)

   Then that night, there is the Portfolio Showcase, or as my friend Kelly calls it: THUNDERDOME
It is madness packed into a tent. 
This year, unfortunately, logistics were weak and there was NO room to move. The tables were too close together, preventing the traffic from flowing both directions as it usually does.I literally saw eleven portfolios before I gave up due to the logjam in all directions. I was so disappointed. I didn't get to see friends' work, or pick up a ton of new postcards to connect with new people, as I do every year. The one great thing about the Showcase is that a friend won a Showcase Honor and an SCBWI mentorship. Yay, Brooke!

Fortunately, the Gala followed, and with the help of a few friends, we danced the night away!

Me with roommates Laura Zarrin and Tracy Bishop. I love these girls!

Jim Averbeck, looking as much a Wild Thing as ever. haha!
SCBWI NJ's IC Karen and RA Leeza Hernandez, me, Tracy Bishop
MY TEAM! SCBWI Houston's RA: Vicki Sansum, me, ARA Millie Martin

Here we are reading Aree Chung's new book on his phone. It is stinkin' adorable, ya'll! Look for it when it comes out next year: 

The best dance partners a girl can ask for: Mike Baker, Jannie Ho, Tracy Bishop, Laura Zarrin

SCBWI provided a photobooth, and well had a great time cramming in there for pictures!

One of the best costumes of the night: a black and white film couple.

Illustrator Board introducing themselves at the Monday Intensive.

Tom Lichtenheld helping us pronounce his name.
And finally, it was time to go home. It took a while, but I got there. 

(Thank you, Laura Zarrin, Lynn Alpert, and Debbie Ohi for the great photos!)

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  1. I saw it. Great post-conference follow up. So thrilled to hear you received some affirming feedback. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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