Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I'm THIS Many!

This sketch was inspired by my son's birthday a few weeks ago. He's very into dinosaurs (he rivals a T-Rex in many ways) and turning four he's prooudly proclaimed himself a "big kid."  ;)
I still need to tweak the colors a little, add shading, etc. but I wanted to share the mostly-done color version of the sketch so many of you helped me out with! (Originally those trees had orange tops, but then I realized they were a little too "Lorax-y" so switched them up.) Hip-hip hooray!


  1. Wow! This just keeps getting cuter! What a fun color palette with adorable characters! The stone slab table is a really nice touch! :)

  2. Thanks, Nina! Once the lightbulb came on about sticking them outside, stone made more sense. I got the orginal palette choices from Colourlovers, and have been tweaking it along the way. It REALLY took me outside my color box. :)


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