Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project 52

This is the year I'm putting it all out there. I've held back until now because I didn't feel prepared enough, or my work wasn't strong enough, or I needed to learn one more technique. Well, I've decided that there is never a "right" time, that nothing is ever perfect, and you just have to go for it!

One of the areas I need to put the most energy into is building my portfolio. As much as I enjoy the pieces that currently make it up, I am sorely lacking in representing certain subjects that pretty much symbolize children's illustration: cars, for example!

To amend this, I will pick a theme each month that represents a subject I feel I need more of in my my portfolio.  I will dedicate myself to creating at least one sketch a week in response to that theme, and in order to hold myself accountable, I will publish the sketches every week on this blog on Tuesdays. (There, I've said it, OUT LOUD!) The goal is to have fifty-two sketches by year's end with at least twelve solid, full-color pieces that can be considered portfolio-worthy. Simple, yes?

(And yes, this was inspired by Illustration Friday, but the themes will be suiting my purposes, and there is a lot less pressure because I only have to take ideas to sketch level. If I really love an idea I will then create a full-color piece.)

January's theme is "The Sweet Stuff." Here is my first sketch, "Mud Pies" inspired by my own sweet baby.
(Oh, and if for some reason you want to play along, let me know!  Maybe you can put a link to your blog post in the comments or something. The more the merrier and all that.)

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  1. What a great year-long resolution and approach to portfolio update. And I commend you for saying it OUT LOUD (that takes guts)! I'm trying to get past that "right time" roadblock myself, but I feel good already about 2011. And that's one sweet, mud pie-making baby.


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