Friday, October 22, 2010

Sketchbook Project: Pages 1-8

I'm cheating a little here, as I've not painted these pages. But I'm really liking the black and white right now and am moving forward with the rest of my sketches. I think I'll do the color last, and all at once. 


  1. these are awesome! Love the froggy post and the lady bunny

  2. Your b&w is always awesome. I really liked your little red piece. Have you thought about very limited flat color if any? I am the queen of doubting myself but I think it's all about finding your style and polishing it till it's all yours.

  3. Color has always been my weakness. That's why I think I'm going to stick with the flat color I've started working with recently. I agree that I just need to work it so it's more "mine."
    Thanks, ladies.

  4. Your pages are so fun! Love your animal characters!


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