Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011-In a Bind

Because I took so long deciding just how I was going to deal with the tissue-thin paper provided in the Sketchbook Project, I have fallen drastically behind. I created a schedule of sorts to keep me on track so I can complete it by the January 15th mailing deadline. *gulp*
Here's a peek at my studio wall calendar.  All the maroon writing is a day I work on the Sketchbook Project (SBP). The green is for my posting days on The Sketchables.  Blue is for SCBWI/#kidlitart business. Black is for personal work, like posting to this blog. Maybe it's the former teacher in me, but I really love a good calendar system. ;)
I'm using this fabulous site as a guide for my rebinding process. I forgot to take pictures of me demolishing my original Sketchbook or creating the signatures. Pretty boring anyway. I cut the binding thread, set the papers aside, (I'm reusing them, just not for painting) and then folded a whole bunch of bristol vellum sheets.
 Here are the tools I used for the binding process.  A hole punch guide (SO important!), thimble, thread and beeswax to prevent thread from knotting.

Here is the book block. All of the signatures have been threaded together.
And here is the sketchbook in all its glory! I cut apart the cover, and used duct tape to put it back together with a wide spine.

And here is my drawing table, with almost every medium I could think of out and waiting to be used.  We'll see how much experimentation I get to do with this crazy deadline!


  1. Wow, I am so impressed with your rebinding your sketchbook! I want to try that.. one day :) How is your Sketchbook Project coming?? I am so behind on mine.. I have the same theme as yours.

  2. Now that I've rebound it, I'm finally getting to work! I've got less pages in there now (32 spreads) and I've got 5 sketched in, waiting for color. I'll share them once they're done. :)

    I'm trying to get the majority of the work done now and next month because I know December will be too busy. I don't want this to turn stressful, you know?


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