Monday, March 01, 2010

Keeping Time

I'm trying out a new schedule. Being at home with the kiddo is a serious juggling act, and the older he gets the more challenging it can be. I've got to become more efficient with my time, instead of just coasting from thing to thing and not really accomplishing a whole lot. Here's a peek (inspired by Holli Conger):

Check Email, Facebook and Twitter first thing in the morning and after dinner-that's it.
Sketch 15-20 minutes

Weekly: (This is done during the two hours of nap-time my kid gives me in the afternoons.)
M-Marketing: the goal is to build my mailing list and figure out the houses my work would best fit.
T- Work in Progress: work on WW group blog, IF prompt, dummy book, promotional ideas.
W-OFF: This is an errand day for me, so no work is scheduled.
T- Blog Day: read industry, illustrator, author blogs, comment, post for IF or process pics.
F- Website: I'm redoing my website (esp since Blogger is now moving to a tabbed template, similar to Wordpress) so this is the day I'll work on the site art and finalize the new template. Once this is completed, this will become another WIP day.
*Attend #kidlitart chat every Thursday night on Twitter.

Attend SCBWI meeting, and meet with Illustrator's Group
Have at least one piece for portfolio
Update blog banner

This Year:
Submit Dummy Book
Send Two Seasonal Mailers
Join Online Portfolio Sites
Focus on Branding
Experiment with Copic markers, FW inks, digital color, and black and white work.
Anything to do with home (cleaning, dinner prep) and any creative/play activities (playground, crafts, etc.) for my son have to take place in the first half of the day. Unfortunately, I think that's my creative time, but I have to work around him for now. Also, in order to maintain this work schedule I have to be organized about everything else- dinner especially.

March is going to be my trial period, and we'll see how this works out. If certain plans are maintained my daily schedule will change dramatically in April. Fingers crossed. ;)

How do you work? Are you a scheduled person or do you fly by the seat of your pants?


  1. Love the little sketch! Would look really cool just matted in a big mat with a little cut out for image this then hung in a frame.

    It's a challenge working with little ones but I think you have a great schedule worked out! Thanks for the little shout out, too :)

  2. I don't know how you ladies do it with little ones at home...sometimes I can't even get my act together with just me! I think being a freelancer- we need some sort of self imposed schedule or else we would go insane. Good luck with it!

  3. Thanks ladies. Jannie it's tempting to give up sometimes, but the inner muse won't let me. :) Where there's a will, there's a way. It's frustrating to not be able to go full steam on things, but for now, I'm biding my time and trying to appreciate my son while I have him at home.


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