Thursday, April 30, 2009

Morning Scribbles

Here are a few sketches I did to warm up this morning. Here's an idea I had for my long overdue blog banner update: a fox enjoying the breezy spring day.
And here a bird about to go out for his first flight: I did both of these drawings on loose notebook paper. I noticed as I was working that I seemed much looser and carefree. This isn't always the case when I'm working on something in my sketchbook. I used to be able to do whatever I wanted in my sketchbook. But somewhere along the way, even that paper has become "precious" somehow and I hesitate to put certain ideas in there- as if they aren't worthy enough. What silly head games we artists play, but there it is. I'm going to see if I can't bring that sketchbook down a peg or two.

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  1. Cute ideas Dee...
    Can't wait to see the finished result


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