Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two Mice

In an effort to have some accountability in my watercolor experiments, I've joined the group blog Watercolor Wednesdays. They happened to have an opening this last month, and I was lucky enough to be approved. I'm hoping that the weekly prompts will help motivate me to work with watercolor on a consistent basis. We all know improvement only comes with practice.

So the last two weekly prompts were "fireplace" and "cocoa." I combined them and came up with this:I'm definitely having to be more patient with watercolor. I had to take several breaks away from this picture as I was working with it. Not to let it dry-I'm much too impatient for that, and use a hair dryer to speed up the process. No, I had to take breaks because it wasn't until I came back with refreshed eyes that I could adequately judge where the picture needed to go. Did it need deeper color, more shadow, etc.

I'm also getting more comfortable in my skin as an artist. Now that I've seen a good amount of work in a variety of mediums (there is stuff I haven't shown you-ha!), I can see the consistencies of what I do. My lines are one of them. I am definitely a cartoony artist, and now that I've stopped trying to be a "serious" or "impressive" artist, I am having much more fun with my work. I look forward to being able to dip my pen in ink and adding the thick, black line that completes the picture for me.

That doesn't mean I stop experimenting, or pushing myself. It's just nice to know where I'm coming from. :) So back to WW. When I post new art, I'll more than likely post the image here as well as there, but will link to the blog so you can see what the other artist's interpretations are of the topics. Share the love, if you will.

And on that note, I'm off to paint!

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  1. I like your style and the colours you chose for your compositions.

    ^_^ Thank you so much for your comment on SCHOOL PICTURE TIME.
    I think you so are right,
    I will put more contrast on the lines...!


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