Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Soup Blog: Intentions

A few of us have finally got our act together and posted our list of intentions for 2009. They revolve around what we hope to accomplish, especially in regards to our professional lives. I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of "write it down and make it come true." Too much has happened in my life once I've put it out there for the Universe to have a look-see to deny that there's no correlation.

Why don't you have a gander at our lists and maybe share some of your intentions for the year?

(image copyright Johanna Wright)
Go on ... join the party!


  1. Yay for intentions!!!

    I'm loving your new banner!! Is there a story for this??? It needs a story!!!! Must have story!!!!

  2. There wasn't when I started...I think I'm going to try and keep my banner going with the flight theme for the year as a little side experiment, and I knew I wanted to do something with wintery colors. What's more wintery than a penguin?

    There's a glimmer of a story that started while I was painting..we'll see if it reveals itself anytime soon. :)


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