Friday, January 16, 2009

Poor Boy

The watercolor experimenting continues today. Halfway through the panel I was working on, I messed up the skin-tone on my character. I decided rather than give up, I'd redo the panel on a separate page, and replace the original panel later. The paper I chose for the redo was not the same as the original, and I assumed that although the weight was not the same, it would be okay.

For the most part, it was. But as I was adding the color, something really odd started happening. I couldn't tell if it was caused by the pen indentations or the marks made when I transferred the image using carbon copy-but in any case there was a bizarre resistance of color near any line. As a result, the pigment pooled in some odd ways and left white space all over.

I tried to counteract this by making the ink lines a little thicker, but it was a little annoying to have to even do that. I'll definitely be avoiding using this paper for any other wc projects.

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  1. He looks amazing, wow! I think the lines and the skin tone...everything, looks amazing. I have the same problem with transfer paper repelling paint. It's just naturally like that I guess. I try to just press really really lightly so the transfer isn't super present.

    Or, I just print out my sketch really lightly in a printer (on a thin watercolor paper) and go over it with a waterproof ink pen.

    Whatever you're doing is totally working! He looks amazing!


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