Monday, December 08, 2008

Shadows on the Wall

Woot! I've finished another set of my crafty projects, and decided these were artsy enough to share with you on my blog.
Here's my little man.

And here's one of our lovable mutts.
I am in love with these, and really enjoyed the whole process. They're a combination of old school tattoo banners and Victorian silhouette collage. Next up: some homemade retro ornaments. Whatcha working on?


  1. These are awesome Dee! So great! You could have your own crafty business with these!!

  2. Thanks, Johanna! You know, I seriously considered that when I was scanning them in. I don't when I'd do it..or how...but it's definitely been put in my idea book for the future! ;)

  3. Those are darling silhouettes! I could totally see them being chapter headings for a middle grade novel or something like that. Awesome!


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