Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SCBWI Events on the Horizon

I just got registration confirmation for our chapter's spring event: Editor's Day. Not only do attendees get a little inside information on their lists, but we also get a "golden ticket" to later submit to them. Cool, huh? I've given myself until February to get my dummy book in order, because three of the editors would be perfect. *gulp*

I also got my SCBWI Bulletin.

cover by Chris Gall
Pretty snazzy space cover to compliment the Winter Conference theme:

Since I've decided I want to go to the LA conference next year, this conference is out. Plus, I don't think we're really wanting to shell out the bucks for airfare and hotel when it's not absolutely necessary. LA is necessary in my short-term goals plan. However, there look to be a couple of good sessions in NY, especially the "See Change" panel review. That is tempting, and I bet super-informative. Anyone planning on going?

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