Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'll Get Back to My Portfolio AFTER the Holidays

My blog posting might become a little erratic over the coming weeks. The holiday season has gotten to me, and I am in a big time crafting/decorating frenzy here. Not Christmas decorating-I don't do that until after Thanksgiving!

Six months in this house, and I have finally started making headway on the first floor. My favorite bits of fabric art are hanging, and our assorted collections are shelved in the dining room, and now I'm making my plan of attack for the entryway.

Here's a peek at what I'm working with:
I'm planning on a whole assortment of arts, crafts and personal touches for our walls. I'm going for a homey feel. If I can pull this off, I'll post some pics. What do you have distracting you (in a good way) right now?

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