Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pure Gold

There's a really fantastic blog featuring all of the animated shorts that have been Oscar nominated throughout the years. It's a treasure trove, really. I plan clicking each and every one of those video links and watching them to my heart's content. I don't recommend going to Matos' blog and checking out the nominated shorts unless you have nothing else you want to accomplish that day. :)

Anyway, while watching Flowers and Trees, I saw in the sidebar some of my absolute favorite Silly Symphony shorts. I've rediscovered so many of my favorite animations, I can hardly stand it! Here's a definite classic: The Ugly Duckling.

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  1. Hi Dee! This is wonderful, I remember this. It is so beautfiful, isnt it? I hope you don't mind but I'm thinking on posting it on my blog too, along with a recent one that I really like. Thanks for sharing this!
    By the way, I linked you, this way I'll visit more often your wonderful blog :o)


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