Sunday, December 09, 2007

Today is your birthday! (not really)

My family came in town this weekend (mostly it was my mom volunteering to act as babysitter so Troy and I could go on a grown-up date for my birthday and actually go out to eat in a grown-up restaurant and go see a movie. Dad and brother tagged along.), and I was pleasantly surprised by my brother of an offer to of art supplies for my birthday. I didn't want to to overwhelm the poor guy, so while we were at the store, I shopped for what I needed and told him to pick whatever he wanted out of the cart to buy for me. I said it didn't matter the amount, I appreciated the gesture. Overall it was a very nice experience. Nevermind the loot I came home with!

I love buying new supplies. I get on a total high (like when you were little and you got all those new supplies for the new school year, and when you got home, dumped them on your bed and gathered them to your face and just inhaled the scent of new pencils and plastic pencil bags..*snifffff*..right? right?....Oh, just me?...'Kay then!) and suddenly I'm rubbing my hands in aniticipation of what I will create with the newest members of my toolbox.

Although I have at least a passing familiarity with all of the supplies pictured, my intention for their purpose is brand new. Anyone want to make a guess as to what I intend to make with these bad boys?

(How cool is it that they now make markers that allow for a whole variety of flesh tones? Multicultural markers are awesome!)

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  1. I love getting new supplies much fun. Happy Birthday!!!!


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