Thursday, November 29, 2007


As a bibliomaniac, one of my quirks is owning the books I read. ( loves me and my credit card.) I own five six-foot tall bookshelves that have been completely filled (two deep)with books. I have everything from children's books to classics to contemporary fiction. They are a joy and I love them.
Recently, I boxed up most of these books in order to create more workspace in my studio. Some went to the attic, some to the resale shop. I also made the decision to scale back my purchasing, and much to my husband's joy, sought out the local library and made its acquaintance.
I've been delighted to find many resources relevant to my quest to become a children's illustrator. Those of you who read along with us at the Soup may remember my desire to jump into the world of graphic novels. Well, look what I discovered during my latest foray. These are just two of the books that come highly recommended by those in the know. Not only are they in comic form, but the information presented is priceless (and actually interesting!). Scott McCloud is a noted artist and resource guide of the comic world. If you're curious about the world of comics or graphic novels, you might want to have a look at his website.


  1. You've been tagged!! Tell me 5 things...if you want to play!

  2. oh yup I am really big on graphic novels too...kind of a different personality from the children's stuff. I've been reading the Sandman series...really great stuff.

    I love scott McCloud! His books are always fun.


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