Monday, September 24, 2007


Fireflies-acrylic on canvas (3'x4')

Here's a painting I just finished. For the first time ever, we have art created by me, hanging on the walls of our house. (I don't count the nursery art.) Strange isn't it? You'd think someone who calls themselves an artist would be more than thrilled to display their work. I mean, hello-free gallery space! Weird how it's easier for me to display my work on the internet than in "real-life." I'm working on that.

I know it's much more abstract than my usual art...but I like it anyway. When I was first painting the bodies of the fireflies (I was going for little flames), Troy came in and asked why I was painting a bunch of red eggs. Gotta love being married to such a literal-minded man. Then again, he is an engineer.


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