Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm it!

Yeesh! I've been tagged by both Amy and Frizz! (Amy is a friend I met last year in NY, and Frizz and I both have a thing for animals in our art. I just know we'll meet someday!) I'm going to have to combine their tagging, because I think listing twelve weird things might scare some of you off. hee!

Here are the rules: Each person who gets tagged posts 6 weird things on their blog and states the rules. Then choose they 6 people to be tagged and list their names. You leave a comment that says "you're tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog for instructions.

Sounds easy, right? Goodness knows I've gotten enough weird looks over the years, so I must have some weirdness in me. :)

1. A majority of my students have nicknames by the end of the year. I try not to make it something that is embarassing, but many times it's something that needs to be said. Case in point, a student who has to go to the bathroom more times than seems humanly possible (and who has no medical illness or diagnosis requiring him to do so) is xometimes referred to as "Squirrel Pants." As in, his bladder is the size of an acorn. Other times, students become Nosy Parker or Goober, depending on the case.

2. I always see a picture or image in cracks in the ceiling, floor, clouds, assorted and everyday objects, the way cloth lays, etc. Many times I do it unconsciously and it takes a while for my brain to recognize that the image is not "real," but is my own manifestation.

3. Sometimes when I have my eyes closed, (like when I'm going to sleep or waking up), and I hear an abrupt sound, I can "see" the sound as a visual pattern. Loud, short sounds are usually black and white zigzags, soft sounds are different shades of gray dots. During live musical performances (which are way too loud for me) I've seen colors and fluid shapes.

4. Throughout my life, dreams or parts of dreams that I've had, have played out in my everyday, waking life. I have experienced De ja' vu more times than I care to count.

5. I have a birthmark/beautymark on the outer edge of my left hand. I have the exact same mark in the same location on the bottom of my left foot.

6. I can't stand it when people who are wearing socks (or mittens) rub them together. Ergh, it makes me cringe and hurts my teeth! (It's one of the reasons I cannot touch felt.)

Good enough? I tag:



  1. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I did it, I answered my 6 things.


    I hope your acrylics are dry in time for the conference...

  2. yikes, so hard to narrow my list down to just *6* weird things about myself...!

    best of luck to you at the conference. your little pig is adorable - i hope you have a chance soon to post some of your other illos for the conference.


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