Sunday, December 10, 2006

Will wonders never cease?

It looks like "someone" heard my complaints earlier today! Out of nowhere, I had what I've been waiting on (for what seems forever) to complete a painting I've had sitting on my studio floor. It's been a work in progress for I don't know how long, and it's still not completely finished...but I was able to make art today, and it felt so nice. Yay!

This is a painting hanging on my studio wall. I have a thing for wing-ed creatures, so it fits in perfectly with where it's hanging, surrounded by various kinds of angels. I call this piece "Snow Angels" and it's about 2'x3'. (Obviously inspired by Sendak.)

(I know both angels looked worried, but in reality, they are both smiling. I guess when I reduced the pic, it skewed the image.)


  1. This is soo cute and sweet!! Lovely!

  2. hi, dee:

    how are you feeling?? i just wanted to share with you that i too am "on the nest," so to speak - 12 weeks tomorrow! i had to laugh when i read your 11/15 post b/c i could certainly empathize with your list (esp. the napping after eating). we're just now at the point where we're sharing the news. i'm still going through the *bleh* stage right now but am hoping that in the next week or so the yucky feelings miraculously vanish! i hope you are feeling well and enjoying your pregnancy. and see? -- you've got your creative juices flowing again. i see the sendak influence in this piece.

    happy holidays - kg

  3. I love this Dee- so gorgeous!
    I dont think they look worried- to me they look inquisitive. Like a sweet little baby looking in amazement at something new (quite appropriate really!)
    Have a great New Years :)


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