Sunday, July 30, 2006

Neato Mosquito

I was perusing some of my links and stumbled upon a really cool site via Beth Sunberst.
It takes your website address and turns it into art! Basically, it uses your sourcecode (HTML) and translates it into a graph. Cool, huh?
That Seuss-like form to the left is what this blog looks like.

What do the colors mean?
blue: for links
red: for tables
green: for the DIV tag
violet: for images
yellow: for forms
orange: for linebreaks and blockquotes
black: the HTML tag, the root
nodegray: all other tags

The thing I found really cool, and the reason I had a hard time looking away once I had created my graph, was that the graph isn't static. It floats and moves. It looks like it's breathing. My goodness, "It's Alive! It's Alive!"

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