Wednesday, April 05, 2006

spring, n. - a time or season of growth or development.

I realize that most people are probably using this interpretation of this week's I-Fri topic. (I even have a design I created last year for a friend's Spring-themed baby shower, see left.) I thought I would try to use "spring" as a verb; I even have some pretty good sketches. Alas, the bluebonnets are popping up, warm breezes are blowing gustily, and the shorts and sandals have emerged from their hibernation.
It is spring time in Texas, and the thing I want to do most is lie down in the sunshine and just be. *sigh* I'm afraid I have an early case of summer-itis and am counting down the end of school already! I'm putting on a good front, however. (Ever the conscientous teacher-that's me!)
Here's the latest in my experimentations. A boy doing what I wish I could...napping in the sun. I'm having a lot of fun with my latest creations. I've tried to forget about making 'good portfolio pieces' and am trying to just keep creating. The pieces I've done in the last three weeks don't resemble anything in my portfolio, not even by a mile, but that can be good. I'm stretching my artistic muscles, and risk-taking. I'm not over-analyzing, just letting whatever is in my head come out. I am having a great time. Plus, with this new "thing", whatever it is, I don't have to try to be perfect. It's very comforting.

Maybe this is my own spring time? hmmm


  1. love the bunny with the large rear. :) this spring painting could def. be a portfolio piece, great perspective and idea. plus, he looks so relaxed, i envy him.

  2. Such a blissful illustration!
    I can't wait for the grass to be that green, and for the leaves to fill up the trees again.

  3. A very charming spring bunny!

  4. I really like both images! The bunny looks so cute peering at us over his shoulder, and the little boy looks like the essence of warm weather bliss. In both cases, I like the views you've chosen to present your subjects...they define character really well. The bunny - a little shy, and the boy, just chillin' under the sun. Good luck with your portfolio!

  5. Dee, I love this technique you use, it is naif and reminds me all the time something of my childhood.

    And...about the spunk, I am a "spunky" girl he he he

  6. This is lovely Dee, I adore the perspective/bird's eye view fo the piece ... very cool and definitely very springy!Bravo! I can't wait for winter to be over. :)

  7. I know you're still experimenting but this is one of my favorites. Love the texture.


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