Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spotted, v. - note as a known criminal or a suspicious person

Okay, as I write I'm racing the lightning and thunderstorm crashing over our heads....

So here's my prelim. sketch for my fun-tastic idea of what it is to be "spotted." What's funnier than a platypus playing the Easter Bunny being spotted by his less-than-amused friend? There's also many spotted eggs...can you spot them? (haha...okay, I'll stop now.)

I am actually in the middle of painting this, and hope to post it later, but with the electrical mambo going on in the sky above us...I don't think I can safely rely on having access to electricity later tonight. This will have to do! Enjoy!


  1. Hope to see the finished product. Certainly understand wanting to avoid the t-storms.
    Here's my computer advice: You should unplug your computer and accessories as well as unplug any modems from phone lines. You don't want a close lightning strike to render your computer useless.
    Of course, you probably won't see this until the storm is over.

  2. This is the best angry platypus I've ever seen! What a great sketch:>

  3. I love your sketch! Cant wait to see the final painting

  4. fantastic piece. love the perspective and great expressions.

  5. i love it!!! hope you see this in full colour!


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