Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Home is where the ART is."

I don't know about you other artists out there, but I take decorating my home very seriously. Part of it is probably because I believe in the whole "your home reflects who you are" thing. (For example, my studio is lime green. Everyone who I've shown or described the room to has said it is SO "me.") The other part of it is because it's just fun...well, sometimes.
In our last home, we were fortunate enough not to have to worry ourselves about adorning the walls because the house had fantastic architectural details. Our current home is much newer, and as a result, the walls are much flatter. I am therefore faced, for the first time, with the job of filling and covering in a tasteful fashion. (We are no longer in college. Slapping some "cool" posters on the wall will not do.) I've discovered mirrors are great objects d'art, and that photographs arranged in an artful way do a great job of filling hallway walls. I'm still faced, though, with huge blank walls. What should I put on them?
....duh, art! More specifically, my art. The thing is, I am hesitant to do so. Why? I dunno, I still feel vulnerable I suppose. I have no problem hanging a copy of a painting I purchased at a local home decorating store, but heaven forbid I hang one of my own works where the world can see. (Okay, not the world, but friends and family are still scary enough!) I guess it's because I'm still getting used to the title of "artist".
More and more I am coming to view myself that way, but I'm not sure others do. It's with good reason, though. I don't openly discuss my art with anyone. Well, not anyone in the real world. I do plenty of talking about what I'm working on with my online support friends, and even the online strangers from Illustration Friday. Talk about it with flesh and blood? Nu-uh, for-get it!
The good thing is, I recognize this obstacle and am using it as a chance to challenge myself. You see, I have at least five blank places in our home that need to be filled. Two of them will be done using matted and framed prints I've purchased from this artist and this artist. The rest, I'm making myself apply paint to stretched canvas and create work for. Why not? I'm eventually going to have to do assignments I may not be comfortable, or even want to do, if I ever get a break into illustration. Why not use this as practice? I'll be my own client!
I've set a deadline (summertime) and have already created thumbnail sketches inspired by my surroundings, and things I've seen in the online art community. Here's a peek at one hot off the easel. I'm going to hang it in our mustard/gold entry way, along with this print. I think they'll compliment nicely.

I'm calling the piece Sandman.


  1. You are too sweet!! Hopefully we will have a long lasting internet relationship.

    I know what you mean about painting for your own home. I don't dare but I should. You've inspired me to do the same!

    I love the brushy-ness of the sandman. How good he will look on a mustard wall!!

  2. Oooh, be daring Frizz... :D I'm still playing with him, thinking about adding some new elements.....I can feel my growth here, I'm not just satisfied with what I do at first. I itch to go back and add a little something. I just need to make sure I know when to stop.

  3. I liked it very much. I hope i'll have your permision to post it just to say "thanks" in greek

  4. my greek friends told me that your sandman is a great work of painting!
    Thank you!


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