Thursday, February 16, 2006

Through their eyes...

Okay, let me start off with the fact that fantastic, adorable, talented Ruth Barshaw has posted her amazing, mind-blowing sketch-journal of NY SCBWI conference. I got to see her sketching in action, and it was amazing...but to see all of her lovely illustrations online and complete, I'm in awe! (Oh, and I have to admit that it thrills me a little to be in her sketches-eee! Wait, was that too narcissistic to post? oh well..) Of course, I fully expect you to check her out.

Next, Leezy has created a fantastic mini-sketchbook online of her experiences in New York. I love it because it echoes so much of what I was thinking. Plus, she includes some details I wasn't able to put in mine. Have a look.
She also has a post about some great books that help out those of us pursuing the biz. I own most of them, and can personally vouch for their practicality and inspirational abilities.


  1. Ruth's sketch of you is so cute. What an honor!!

  2. Beautiful jobs! Lindas ilustrações e muito belo blogger! Beijos mil!


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