Saturday, February 11, 2006

Things I've Learned-Part Four

Perhaps one of the most satisfying workshops I attended was held by an art director from Clarion. She was very specific in what she expected and looked for.
First she discussed picture books:
1. Kids read picture books over and over. Your work must stand up to repeated viewing.
2. The best work is a personal expression of personal experiences.
3. Learn to look at your work objectively. Learn to revise your work.
4. Learn to draw! (Take Life Drawing classes to keep your skills fresh.)
5. Think of yourself as a cinematographer. You decide details, lighting, etc.

Second, portfolios were discussed:
1. Should have 10-12 pieces of picturebook artwork.
2. Your pieces should have narrative and engage the viewer.
3. Favorite Piece should be on top.
4. Don't wait to redo a piece- just do it!
5. Black and white p/b dummies are great; be sure to have a few color finishes. (Dummies count as one piece. )

Finally, have you considered jacket art as a means of expression?
1. There is usually a flat fee paid.
2. You need several examples of portrait work.
3. It's a good way to start out.

As Porky Pig stated,"Th-th-th-that's all folks!" Hopefully, you were able to get something from these posts. I enjoyed sharing them. I'm hoping that next year, I'm able to attend the SCBWI Los Angeles conference. Well, I have several Illustration Friday entries to catch up on, and a few new pieces to create. I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts about the conference.


  1. Thank you so much Dee for sharing your experiences and the valuable info you learned at the conference. Sounds like there would have been a great energy buzzing around that place. Good luck with everything and cant wait to see your contribution to the 29,000 Floating Ducks journal :)

  2. I'm trying hard Bask! We've got our state test next week, so after that, I'll be good to go!


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