Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year Begins

I thought this image by Catia Chien would be a nice way to start my post. I think its simple beauty aptly portrays what most people think of the new year. Fresh, clean and a little magical.
Before I wax too poetic, I want to echo what many of my blogger friends are saying. This last year was a great one. I think a way to pay homage to that is to count my blessings, and mark the goals that I was able to accomplish:

1. Rediscovered my passion for art, and began to focus on making a career of it.
2. Attended a (regional) SCBWI conference.
3. Experimented and found my medium.
4. Started to eat healthier; more fruit.
5. Took a trip. (to the Caribbean!)
6. Entered work in two contests. (didn't place, though-boo!)
7. Created art for personal satisfaction.
8. Took art classes; acrylics and children's illustration. (learned so much!)
9. Created a blog for personal and professional purposes, and "met" great people in the process.
10. Began building a portfolio.
11. I've learned to not compare myself to other artists.

I've written my intentions for this year, because writing has power. (I call them intentions, because I hope to accomplish them, but don't like the restricted feeling of "resolutions.") Some of them are repeats from 2005, but this year I'm going to try and do my best.

1. Get an illustration published.
2. Exercise more often.
3. Eat more vegetables; less sugar.
4. Volunteer for an event or organization.
5. Continue to build my portfolio.
6. Use snail mail to share art and keep in touch.
7. Attend another conference; keep learning about the publishing industry.
8. Become proficient in a design software.
9. Maintain my blog and create a professional website.
10. Keep it simple!
What are your intentions for this new year?


  1. It has been so fun watching you grow these past several months. You are really coming into your own with a fun, unique style. Here's to another great year for you full of growth and self discovery.

  2. Thanks, Roz! I really appreciate the encouragement and positive vibes I get from you. You're a supah-star!


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