Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's Mine, all Mine!

OOoh, who has herself one of the neatest prints to come out of Tiny Showcase yet? huh? huh?

I do! I do! I love this! It's by Deth P. Sun, who has a pretty funny sense of humor. He made a note on his site about this print, and how like Maurice Sendak it is. I couldn't agree more. I think I'm reverting to my childhood a bit, as I've been sketching many characters in animals suits....not very children's illustration, more like that other art I told you about filling my head. It's kind of exciting.

Even though I adore and would like to collect most children's illustration prints, it's kind of nice to be able to admire and collect "grown-up" art. Even if it has a whimsical, childish slant.

p.s.- It's top-secret, but in the next month or so I may have an announcement about a new addition.


  1. That is a wonderful illustration. I am officially way jealous.


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