Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cat, n.- 1 a : a carnivorous mammal long domesticated as a pet

Yay! I'm posting before Thursday! Unfortunately, it's only a black and white pencil sketch. I'm trying to be diligent and finish my Showcase piece before the week is up. I go to New York next week! (ack!) I still need to have my piece matted and postcards made up, so until I get that accomplished, this is my contribution to Illustration Friday's topic of cats. I'll try to post a color study later this week. (oh, and click on the picture for a much better view.)
Here we see Calvin and the family cat, Blanco. Today Calvin has decided that being a cat is the best thing to be.


  1. Lovely drawing. Really like the different cat poses, especially the one on top of the chair.

    Thanks for visitng my blog and for your feedback. Have fun in New York :)

  2. being a cat is indeed a wonderful thing to aspire to! nice drawing :)

  3. This is fantastic! I have photos of my grandson with my cat. He loves that cat so much!!

  4. Really cute concept! I love the crashed on the chair one - just so fun! great work!

  5. really wonderful! happy, fun full of movement, love them all!

  6. Anonymous12:44 PM

    So cute! It looks like Calvin and Blanco has a great friendship.
    wynlen -

  7. I really liked this drawing...many things hapenning....what a great!
    -Marjorie Ann


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