Sunday, November 06, 2005

What's Your Feeling About Armadillos?

Funny question I know, but I'm revamping my blog. Nothing huge. I've just finally decided on a "theme" and mascot. I'm having fun creating a new banner and a little button I'm adding to the sidebar. As soon as I figure out how to do an "email me" button, I'll add that too. HeeHee!


  1. hmmmmm. 'round these here parts, armadillos aren't kindly looked-upon, being a nuisance on the road and such. HOWEVER... i'm sure you'll make me love 'em when you show us your mascot!!


    p.s. - i love your "night" illo - and i think the background looks great, and the animals are adorable. nice, rich colors!

  2. Thanks KG! 'Dillos aren't looked upon too kindly out here either. They are basically pests, nevermind that they carry rabies-yech! But I figured I needed something that was identifiable with Texas, and I definitely didn't want a longhorn. So, this little guy (or gal) will be the first to herald in a new focus to my blog. New creatures to come later! hee!

  3. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Did you ever read "A Prayer for Owen Meaney?" Great armidillo in that book...


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