Sunday, October 02, 2005

Cheap Thrills

We went to the biggest collection of minimalist manufacturing to ever grace itself in America yesterday; Ikea. I was on a mission: find a nice, big worktop to put in my new studio. It was a last resort, as you can't seem to find a work surface anywhere without it being a) a computer desk or b) really expensive. So, since you can mix and match tops and legs for a relatively inexpensive price ($100) I was game. Did I mention this store is two hours away? Anyway, I'm not going to bore you with details of my frustration or the general mass chaos that seemed to occupy that store.
I will however, tell you that I bought a set of the most fun prints. I saw them in the store and had to have them! They make me smile! Ahem. It's a set of four (looks like acrylics and ink) of a man (Mr. Mustard) and his fat dog (Doris) and occassionally a duck. They're by an artist named Sam Toft. (It's a girl!)

I think I have a new favorite!

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