Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Escape, v.- to get away (as by flight)

I had a completely different image sketched up, but with all the crazy weather things going on, my mind stayed focused on home.
So here are a couple of images that came to mind after I talked to some of my girlfriends back in Houston. School is cancelled for them, the students they have that evacuated from Louisiana are now being transferred to Dallas and San Antonio. They are busy stocking up on water, packing up valuables, etc. I feel odd, having just moved from the area less than two months ago. All I can do is hope and pray everything turns out okay for them, and for everyone.
(Oh, and cross my fingers that this girl Rita doesn't bring tornadoes our way!)

I don't know, I think it lost something in the translation. I like the pencil version much better.


  1. I love your characters. Very cute.

  2. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Great illustrations. It must feel so weird for you to have just moved from that area when something like this happens.

  3. I see so much growth in your more recent work and it's fabulous!! The move must be exciting your muse. I hope I can start progressing like you are. I'm adding you to my must-see blog list!!

  4. I was thinking about tornados yesterday too. growing up in texas, it's really hammered into your head.I hope ya'll stay safe. My family is evacating Huntsville, it seems so surreal.

    Love your ilustration, i think it looks different in the original version because of the extra motion lines around the horses hooves and tornado, gives them more movement. I love the shape of the belly of the horse and the cowboy hat. :)


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