Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Next House We Move Into

Okay, click on the picture above to view some of the other pictures taken of our new house. (Look for the set on the right.) Yes, it's ours- unofficially. Our bid was accepted, and we hope to move in four weeks. (gulp) I'm extremely excited about the odd shaped room that will become my new studio- yippee! I only posted a few pics because the people who live there now have decorated it in such a fabulous manner, that I didn't want you to think we had already moved in. I'll post more once we get settled.

This is what I call a "cookie-cutter" house. It's one of those that looks just like all the others on the street. Usually I abhor such homes. They have no personality, no character, no "je' ne 'se quois". (probably misspelled that-oh well!) However, in the course of looking at those twenty or so houses last week, The Husband and I noticed a couple of things:

1) Fabulous character and personality cost big bucks- we don't like that.
2) If a home manages to have fabulous personality or character and a cheap price tag, there is probably something wrong with it.

So we opted to have a house with no obvious outward personality (we can always add to it, I figure) and instead focus on the great lack of problems inward. I mentioned in my last post all the great amenities that this house has. The lack of headache and great convenience that this house offers outway any sort of home vanity I may have headed to Waco with. Screw being radically different and unique. I embrace my conformity!

On another note, does anyone know how to blog more than one picture at a time, using Flickr?

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  1. i love your new house! its so cute! and its so cool how u have ur own studio!


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